Apollotek Airborne Products and Systems

Apollotek has developed a range of airborne Telemetry, Flight Test Instrumentation and Data Link products which are in use around the World and typically do not require an export licence to most countries.

• The ApolloDas 8600 is a modular high performance rugged PCM Encoder which will meet the smallest to the largest airborne data collection requirements. The ApolloDas 8600 comprises a series of chassis assemblies of different sizes and a wide range of data input modules whch can be configured into a single chassis or a multiple chassis distributed system.

The capabilities of the ApolloDas 8600 can also be integrated into custom designed miniature telemetry system configurations suitable for extremely rugged environments including high spin rate and high shock applications        

• A series of Apollotek designed airborne solid state recording modules and units are avaialble for recording and downloading of data. These Solid State Recorders can be operated with the ApolloDas 8600 System or other manufacturers PCM Encoders. Solid State Recorder capacity can extend to multiple terabytes.

• For real time transmission of Telemetry Data, Apollotek has developed a range of Telemetry Transmitters with RF power outout up to 20 Watts. C-Band, S-Band, L-Band and P-Band frequencies are supported.

Apollotek Telemetry and Video Transmitter designs maximise the use of digital signal processing techniques and FPGA implementation to provide the user with facilities to select Analogue or Digital data Inputs, RF Frequency selection and modulation type. User selection of PCM/FM and PCM/SOQPSK modulation for digital inputs is supported.

These transmitters are designed with a mechanical baseplate footprint to enable them to replace old generation legacy products.

• A series of Data Link Transmitters and Receivers is also avaialble. This range of products is designed for UAV and similar applications where minimum weight is required. These products utilise digital signal processing techniques to minimise data bandwidth and to minimise spurious emissions.

A range of AirborneTone Decoding Receivers is also manufactured by Apollotek. These very rugged units can be configured to provide multiple outputs derived from single tones or from multiple tones and tone combination durations.

ApolloDas 8600 Modular and Rugged Airborne PCM Encoder System

The ApolloDas 8600 is a Flight Qualified modular PCM Encoder System with an ever increasing set of function modules which can be configured by the user for each mission. Chassis are available with slot capacities ranging from 4 slots to 24 slots. Multiple chassis can be interconnected to form a distributed data acquisiton system

T-905 FM and SOQPSK Transmitter

High Spin Rate Telemetry Sender