Apollotek Groundstation Products and Systems

Apollotek has designed a unique range of small high performance USB Powered Telemetry Groundstation products based on high perfromance analogue designs coupled with advanced digital signal processing tehniques to provide a leap forward in the way Portable, Mobile and fixed installation Telemetry Groundstations can be cost effectively configured. An example of the benefits of this approach this is for Flight Line Testing where older generation systems require several bulky and heavy boxes to be transported close to an instrumented aircraft on the Flight Line. The Apollotek USB appoach typically requires one Module and a Laptop or Tablet PC running the Apollotek GDSmate software package - A one lightweight Shoulder Bag solution.

The Apollotek range of USB Powered Signal Recovery products includes:

  • FM and SOQPSK Telemetry Receivers operating in C-Band, S-Band and L-Band
  • Diversity Combiners
  • Bit Synchronisers
  • PCM Decommutators
  • PCM Simulators               
  • Digital to Analogue Voltage Output Modules
  • Time Code Reader and Generator Modules

We have modules that combine multiple signal recovery functions into one unit.

We akso have a range of modules which are set-up over a USB Link to a host computer and whch can then be operated independently and powered from an external + 5 Volt to +32 Volt DC supply.

All of these products are supplied with Windows GUI set up software. Products which include a decommutator are supplied with the Apollotek GDSmate Telemetry Environment Software package which provides set-up with graphical and tabular parameter data presentation and data processing together with data archiving, replay and data export.

Apollotek also designs and manufactures a range of Tone Encoder and Decoder Instrumentation.

We also manufacture high speed Telemetry and Analogue Data Recorders based on Windows PC Architecture.

Several Apollotek USB Powered modules are listed below. Many of these products are also available in an airborne package operating from +28 V DC. Other operating voltages and paclkages are available. Please review the Apollotek Data Sheets for additional information.

• The APK8762 USB Bit Synchroniser

• The APK8761 USB PCM Decommutator

• The APK8763 USB Bit Synchroniser and Decommutator

• The APK8766 USB Data Link L-Band or S-Band Receiver provides a baseband Analogue data output signal.

• The APK8767 USB Receiver, Bit Synchroniser and Decommutator

• The APK8767-3 USB Multiple Function Receiver Bit Synchroniser and Decommutator

• The APK8769 - USB Data Link L-Band or S-Band Receiver and Signal Recovery Unit provides a synchronised Data and Clock RS422 output to interface to other data link components

• The APK8764 USB PCM Simulator - can simulate multiple dynamic data words across many subframes

• The APK8768 USB PCM Simulator and Transmitter which adds a nominal 10 milliwatt S-Band or L-Band transmitter to the APK8764 USB Simulator. The APK8768-B PCM Simulator and Transmitter provides a rechargeable battery pack which charges through a USB link to a host PC and which can be operated autonomously - ideal for boresight and airfield transmission testing.







A typical Apollotek USB Receiver, Bit Synchroniser and Decommutator

The APK8767 Series provides a USB powered L-Band, S-Band and C-Band Telemetry PCM/FM and SOQPSK-TG Receiver, Bit Synchroniser and Decommutator whch can be use as:

A Receiver, Bit Synchroniser and Decommutator

A Receiver and Bit Synchroniser

A Bit Synchroniser and Decommutator

A Bit Synchroniser

A PCM Decommutator


NEW Product Range added !


19 inch Telemetry Groundstations and High Speed Solid State Recorder Systems


Apollotek has developed a range of Telemetry Groundstations and Data Recorders which can include Receivers, Signal Recovery, Graphical Data Presentation and very high speed multiple stream Data Recording and Replay capabilities utilising removeable high capacity solid state disks.

These Apollotek Telemetry Groundstations and High Speed Data Recorder Systems provide state of the art cost effective solutions for most Telemetry Groundstation and Surveillance applications, including being suitable for aircraft installations. These products are based on an open architecture system backplane confivuration which can include Apollotek products and selected third party products. Therefore many system  configurations are possible, including automatic data driven recording and also  remote control and data transfer via satellite modems.