The ApolloDas 8600 PCM Encoder System

The ApolloDas 8600 is a high performance modular Flight Test Instrumentation System providing a very rugged Test and Evaluation system capable of stand alone and distributed system configurations. ConfigurationsĀ  providing from four to thirty two module slots per chassis and up to 256 chassis are available.

The standard ApolloDas 8600 System is an IRIG 106 compatible modular system into which selected Signal Conditioning Modules are installed. A Control Module is user programmed with the PCM Frame Format and provides data and clock outputs.  

The ApolloDas 8600 Chassis has a standard height and width. The length of the chassis is selected to accommodate the number of modules required to configure the System.

ApolloDas 8600 modules are designed using Apollotek developed methods to provide mechanical decoupling between the external components (such as between the input connector and chassis mounting plates) and the internal components of the ApolloDas 8600 module assembly. Specially developed PCB layout rules and component placement techniques are incorporated into the module designs. The ApolloDas 8600 was designed from the outset to be as rugged and compact as possible.

The standard ApolloDas 8600 system assembly therefore comprises a chassis containing a Power Supply Module, a System Control and Data Output Module and a set of Signal Input Modules which can perform Transducer Excitation, Signal Conditioning, Data Acquisition and Data Conversion into formats suitable for both recording and data transmission. The selected signal conditioning modules are installed into the appropriate chassis assembly which contains an intelligent motherboard into which the Data Acquisirion Modules, Control and Data Output Module and Power Supply Module are inserted and retained to form a very rugged assembly.

The ApolloDas 8600 Control and Data Output Module type selection depends upon the overall System Configuration and whether the host chassis is to be operated as a stand alone chassis or as part of a distributed Master / Slave system configuration. The Control and Data Output Module controls the data acquisition processes of the ApolloDas 8600 system and also controls the data storage and data outputs from the system. The Data Acquisition Format is stored in non-volatile memory in the Control and Data Output Module.

The System is programmed through a USB link to a host Windows PC using GUI based software provided with each System.

ApolloDas 8600 modules are selected from a wide range of available modules which have been designed to provide data acquisition from the typical range of Aerospace Analogue and Digital Transducers used for Flight Testing applications.

ApolloDas 8600 Modules are also available for monitoring Digital Inputs and also for monitoring serial data streams and avionics data buses including Mil-Std 1553 and ARINC 429, ARINC 629 and ARINC 664 Switched Ethernet networks.

Modules are also available which can intelligently control the data acquisition from other sub-systems such as multiple pressure measurement multiplexers.

Please refer to the ApolloDas 8600 Data Sheet for a list of currently supported modules.New modules are always in development so If you cannot find a data acquisition module which meets your measurement requirements, please contact Apollotek and ask us if we can support your requirements.

Apollotek also designs customised Telemetry Sender Systems which can be installed in UAV's, missiles,mortars, shells and other munitions please contact Apollotek for furter details.


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The ApolloDas 8600 Modular and Rugged Airborne PCM Encoder Systtem Chassis


Typical ApolloDas 8600 Modules

ApolloDas 8600modules include:

Analogue modules include programmable gains, excitation, offset and anti-alias filters.

Digital modules including pulse, period and frequency counters.

Serial data input modules including avionics buses and serial data streams are supported

Interfaces to pressure scanners are available.

Thermocouple measurement modules which do not require an external cold junction assembly.

Solid State Memory Modules and stand alone solid state recorders are also manufactured by Apollotek.


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